In addition to operational challenges, company founders are also regularly confronted with issues relating to financing and taxation. Misconduct in the aforementioned areas can be identified as the main factors behind failed start-ups. It must be taken into account here that the choice of legal form regularly sets the course for financing and taxation. In order to avoid later disadvantages or unwanted structures, a correspondingly coordinated course is required in the early phase of the foundation.

Business founders regularly enter into contractual relationships with business partners, customers, banks, suppliers and employees. The entrepreneurial project can only be successfully implemented and risks minimized with an optimized legal and tax structure.

Business founders and start-ups cannot regularly face these challenges themselves. This requires the support of experienced consultants.

Our services in the field of business start-ups

  • Examination of the business idea for its feasibility (Due Diligence)
  • Creation and analysis of the business plan
  • Advice on the choice of legal form
  • Advice on the structure of the participation of the shareholders
  • Advice on start-up funding (funding programs)
  • Support with financing questions and discussions with the bank
  • Creation of simple planning calculations or detailed business plans

  • Support in discussions with investors
  • Advice on tax-optimized structure when external investors are involved
  • Tax and business management support for investor discussions
  • Implementation of company valuations in the event of restructuring, entry of investors or sale of the company

  • Expert statements to public offices such as employment agency etc.
  • Application for investment grants
  • Support with bank negotiations, setting up accounts and financing issues
  • Application for promotional loans
  • Advice on alternative forms of financing: crowdfunding, crowd investment, mezzanine financing, silent participation

  • Support in fulfilling the tax declaration obligations
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Ongoing tax advice on all questions relating to day-to-day business
  • Business registration with authorities and with the tax office
  • Establishment of bookkeeping or installation of bookkeeping online
  • Establishment of payroll accounting with reporting

Our proven consulting approach

Entrepreneurs and start-ups are confronted with a wealth of questions in a dynamic environment.

Taking into account these special framework conditions for business founders and start-ups, we offer a proven consulting approach based on our many years of experience.

We advise our clients not only on tax law issues, but on all aspects of starting a business. In doing so, we always pursue an integrative approach, in which, in addition to business and organizational aspects, we also consider accounting and tax factors and integrate these into our process as part of an overarching optimization approach.

We accompany our clients from the start and support them in all questions that arise.

Building on our many years of experience, we draw on an established network of lawyers, notaries and banks who enable comprehensive, active advice.

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