Sustainable corporate success requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to changing economic conditions. A company can only exist successfully in the long term if economic developments and framework conditions are actively taken into account and necessary adjustments are made to these changes. The decisions made in the past regarding the legal form and structure of the company have to be constantly adjusted.

In addition to changed framework conditions, the reasons for reorganization and restructuring can be diverse: be it in the context of the preparation of an upcoming acquisition or sale of an investment or company (M&A), in advance of an IPO, for the purpose of tax optimization of a group structure or in advance the participation of external investors.

In addition to the corporate law requirements for a reorganization and restructuring, accounting law and tax implications must also be taken into account. From a tax point of view, inadequately planned restructuring can lead to the loss of existing loss carryforwards or to the disclosure of hidden reserves. In addition, real estate transfer tax implications must also be examined. In the case of restructuring that is not subject to income tax, retention periods may also have to be observed. In this respect, restructuring and transformation represent complex processes that require intensive and coordinated preparation.

Our reorganization and restructuring services

  • Tax advice and structuring of the choice of legal form, change of legal form and restructuring
  • Advice on cross-border restructuring and asset transfers
  • Showing possible optimization structures
  • Preparation of the necessary balance sheets and interim balance sheets
  • Valuations required by society or tax
  • Accompaniment of tax audits in connection with conversions
  • Close coordination in restructuring with cooperation partners and banks

Our integrative consulting approach

Building on our many years of experience, we offer a comprehensive advisory approach on all aspects of reorganization and restructuring.

Our clients provide comprehensive advice, including all legal, tax, commercial and tax accounting issues, be it in the context of a change in legal form or a restructuring within a group of companies.

Building on our integrative advisory approach, we accompany organizational and legal changes in all phases of the restructuring process – from the start of economic optimization through the necessary adjustments to new legal structures to the actual completion of the implementation.

Advice on corporate law and the drafting of contracts is carried out in close collaboration with our cooperation partners.

With the many years of experience of our consultants, we support you in this multi-layered process.

Certified Tax Advisor
MBA (International Taxation)
LL.M. (corp. restruc.)

Certified Tax Advisor
Specialist Advisor for Company Succession
(DStV e.V.)

Certified Auditor
CVA, IFRS-Specialist/CINA

Certified Tax Advisor
Specialist on International Taxation