Business Succession – Practical Guide

In this book, proven experts provide information on all facets of company succession. The individual technical contributions each deal with a specific aspect. This enables entrepreneurs, consultants and all institutions concerned with the topic of corporate succession, e.g. chambers, associations or banks. Practical examples of successful succession arrangements illustrate the recommendations for action of the participating experts.

This book is not a textbook. It bundles the experience of a large number of corporate successions with which the authors have been and are concerned. It can therefore pass on a wealth of experience to the reader, which is also reflected in numerous details that are rarely recognized by existing literature on the subject, but which are of crucial importance for the success of company succession.

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Munich Lawyers’ Guide to Corporate Law

This lawyer’s handbook explains all the key topics and phases in the “life” of an corporation – from the foundation to the IPO, company purchase and conversion to liquidation. Numerous checklists, suggested formulations, samples and practical tips round off the presentation.

Dr. Matthias Schüppen and Dr. Bernhard Schaub are renowned specialists in the field of company and corporate law. Through numerous publications and commentaries, they – like the other authors – have proven their special expertise.

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The articles of association of GmbH & Co. KG

As in the previous edition, the volume contains, in addition to an introduction, various contract texts, namely in addition to the articles of association of a typical GmbH & Co. KG also that of a general partner GmbH with arbitration clauses, followed by generally understandable explanations.

The book is rounded off by checklists, further information on literature and case law, in which a deepening of all the problems raised is possible for legal and tax consultants as well as a very detailed bibliography, which is arranged alphabetically according to thematic focuses.

By pointing out variants and alternative formulation options, the work now represents a small form manual on all legal issues in this particularly favorable tax-related company form. A detailed subject index enables fast, targeted access.

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Debt financing for SMEs: Alternatives to bank loans

This handbook is the follow-up to the successful work of Bösl/Sommer Mezzanine Finanzierung and explains the possibilities of debt financing and their optimal handling, which are of particular interest to SMEs and their consultants.

Since the publication of the 1st edition, the landscape of financial instruments has changed. In practice, in addition to the mezzanine forms of financing, SMEs now also have more classic financing instruments such as .B debt securities or promissory note loans available to SMEs as alternatives to the classic bank loan. Therefore, the title of the manual has been broadened.

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